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Your hearing is important. How else would you listen to your favorite music or hear your grandchildren laugh? If your hearing is declining, or you have concerns about the hearing of a loved one, you should contact a Winnipeg hearing centre. By choosing Kemp Hearing Centres in Winnipeg, you are assured of the highest level of hearing healthcare available. If you or your loved one is experiencing signs of hearing loss, please fill out our appointment request form or call us to schedule your free hearing evaluation. At Kemp Hearing Centres in Winnipeg, we strive to provide a higher standard of hearing healthcare at our 2 Winnipeg clinics.

Our 3 core values are:

People-First Approach

We understand that trust is important when it comes to healthcare providers. Our Winnipeg hearing centre practitioners care about the success of each and every client, and we consider each case unique. We understand the individual variations and the complexity of the hearing mechanism and listen closely to what our clients have to say. This enables us to maximize the benefit of each hearing device. What's more, we understand the meaning of family, and we treat our clients as one of our own. That means exceptional service and a people-first approach to hearing healthcare without any exceptions.

The Best Technology Available

We live in a world of constantly changing technology. This improved technology has revolutionized the hearing healthcare industry over the past 10 years. If you’re using a hearing device from 5+ years ago, chances are you’re missing out on a lot of sound. At our Winnipeg hearing centre, we want to ensure complete client satisfaction, which is why we are committed to understanding and accessing the best technology available for our clients.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your experience at Kemp Hearing Centres is exceptional. We pride ourselves on delivering a higher standard of service and care to all of our clients. We listen closely to your concerns, goals and needs, offering no-obligation free hearing evaluations and 90-day hearing aid trials to make sure you get a product that fits perfectly and meets your expectations. We also provide repairs and service for all major brands of hearing aids.

Professional Affiliation

We are a Better Business Bureau-accredited business.

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At Kemp Hearing Centres, we strive to provide a higher standard of hearing healthcare at our 2 Winnipeg clinics. We assure to treat you with a good quality service and unmatched technology.

Above and Beyond Expectations

"This is the absolute best place is you have hearing loss. Jason Kemp understands hearing loss as he experiences hearing loss. Best service and products you will find. Jason Kemp is personable and an expert. I as so glad I was referred to him by my neighbour. Above and beyond my expectations. Very highly recommend."

- yp.ca user HenrySandy C, July 2016

The Best Hearing Possible

"Dr. Kemp has been my audiologist for many years. I chose him because he understands what it is like to live with hearing loss. He is a caring individual who is more concerned about his patients than his business. He wants you to have the very best hearing available. I highly recommend him!"

- yp.ca user BDFast, June 2016

Possible to Hear in Crowds

"I like Kemp Hearing Centre because Jason himself knows what it feels like not hearing everything that a person is saying when you’re in a big crowd. He tweaks your hearing aid that it does not squeal in your ear yet you can hear the ones who are talking to you. He has a personable interest in your hearing. All in all I'm very satisfied with the service at Kemp!!!!!"

- yp.ca user Rene L, April 2016

Extraordinary Audiologist

"Truly, Dr.Kemp is an extraordinary individual. My elderly mother has endured hearing loss for many years and, despite previous hearing aid sales and ENT intervention, has never been able to hear properly. Until Dr. Kemp. He earned his doctorate in audiology and does credit to his profession. He excels at assessment, creative strategies and is well-versed in the advanced technologies that exist. He is not interested in mediocre care. His skill set, decency, integrity, and honour are his legacy. He's amazing."

- yp.ca user leeter, February 2016

Compassionate Care

"I have met with 5 audiologists during this journey. All were helpful but I felt I was in a sales meeting rather than a 'medical' meeting. With Dr. Jason Kemp I finally found a 'doctor' who saw my hearing loss as a medical situation. He diagnosed my situation and instead of feeling like a customer I felt like a patient. I cannot thank him enough for his kindness and compassion and high level of insight and knowledge. Dr. Kemp will find a solution for you."

- yp.ca user jen7777, January 2016

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