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Hearing Aid Maintenance: Follow These Helpful Tips

At Kemp Hearing Centres in Winnipeg, we understand that one size does not fit all. Our hearing aids are available in a wide variety of styles and colours, including our new discreet and invisible options. Whatever your needs may be, there is a fit for you. Contact us to schedule your appointment. With our meticulous fittings and 90-day hearing aid trials, you're sure to get the right product for your hearing needs.

Clean Your Hearing Aids Weekly

Taking proper care of your hearing aids is important to ensure that they perform when you need them to. Clean your hearing aids weekly and make sure to remove any wax that may have built up in the device. See one of our hearing professionals for guidelines on cleaning your device.

Avoid Moisture & Water

Moisture and water should be kept away from hearing devices. Make sure to avoid taking your aids in the shower or dropping them in water. You also need to be aware of moisture from warm climates or moisture-rich environments. There are many hearing aid dehumidifying options available today. Ask us for details.

Avoid Dropping Your Hearing Aids

The components in your hearing aids can be damaged if they fall, especially on a hard surface. Always make sure you handle your hearing aids carefully over hard surfaces so you don't break them by accidentally dropping them. Store your hearing aids properly when you're not using them. This involves opening the battery door, avoiding moisture and ensuring they are placed in a safe area

Troubleshooting Tips for Hearing Aids

Possible solutions for common hearing aid issues include:

If your hearing aid is "dead":

  • Replace the battery
  • Clean the microphone and wax guard

If your hearing aid isn't loud enough:

  • Try adjusting your volume control (if applicable)
  • Clean the microphone and wax guard

If your hearing aid is inconsistent:

  • Replace the battery from a new package
  • Check and clean the wax guard

If the sound is distorted or unclear:

  • Replace the battery
  • Clean the microphone
  • Check and clean the wax guard

Call our office if any of the possible solutions does not correct the issue with your hearing aid.

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