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You can rely on Kemp Hearing Centres in Winnipeg for a wide variety of hearing aid styles and technologies to suit your specific needs. We stand behind our commitment to stay up to date with the latest trends in technology so that we can get you customized solutions for your hearing health issues. Contact us for more information about our hearing aid technologies.

Brain-First Hearing

By preserving the natural characteristics of the signal, today's technology assists the brain in the process of organizing, selecting and following sounds, helping users to get easier access to speech and what is going on around them.

Binaural Processing

Binaural processing technology allows a pair hearing of aids to communicate with each other, sharing speech and sound information. This mimics the way our brain naturally processes sound and can dramatically increase understanding of speech, especially in background noise. Understanding speech in the presence of background noise is the most common concern with hearing impairment.

Power of Personalization

Your hearing is unique to you and your hearing aids should be as well. Our hearing healthcare providers are trained to listen to your needs on an individual level and, using the advanced personalization features of the Inium platform, program your hearing aids to ensure that your specific individual needs are met.

Powered by Inium Technology

Oticon's latest quad-core signal processing platform, Inium, delivers the unique combination of exceptional performance, incredibly small size and low power consumption. This is how Oticon raises the bar in speech understanding, sound quality, wireless connectivity and listening effort, and opens a wide range of personalization opportunities. For more information about Inium, please see the Oticon website.

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