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Open Up Your World with the Latest Hearing Technology from Oticon Opn™

Until now, hearing aid technology was directional – it isolated one speaker but suppressed others. But the new Oticon Opn™ allows you to listen to multiple speakers, even in noisy environments, and is fast enough to enable you to refocus your attention quickly and naturally. And since you won’t have to work quite so hard to listen, you’ll have more mental energy to devote to remembering what you hear. 

Studies show that the Oticon Opn™ provides:

  • 20% reduction in listening effort
  • 20% more capacity to remember what you hear
  • 30% better speech understanding

Enjoy a Whole New World of Sound

Ten years in the making, Oticon Opn™ is the most advanced hearing aid Oticon has ever produced, and it was made possible by the groundbreaking new Velox™ platform, which allows it to capture the entire soundscape. Offering state-of-the-art resolution and speed, the Velox chip provides:

  • 50 times faster processing than before (compared to Inium Sense)
  • 64 frequency channels for higher signal resolution
  • 100+ full environmental scans per second
  • TwinLink™ technology providing a greatly increased capacity for binaural processing and 2.4 GHz direct streaming to external devices

Wear it Your Way

Do you want your hearing aid to blend in to near invisibility, or stand out in elegant contrast? Oticon Opn™ is designed to sit comfortably and discreetly behind your ear, and with 8 different colours to pick from it’s your choice how much you do or don’t want it to show. Want to see if the Oticon Opn™ is right for you? Contact us to schedule your appointment for a 90-day hearing aid trial.

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